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How does a camp become re-accredited?

Every camp is a little bit different, so getting re-accredited isn't going to be an identical process for everyone, but here is a list of some general steps that usually have to be gone through to become re-accredited:​​

  1. Review the CANSPEI Accreditation Standards and make sure your camp is still in compliance (standards may have changed since the last time you went through the process). 

  2. Review Accreditation Documentary Checklist and assemble your camp’s documentation.

  3. Contact CANSPEI and let them know your camp wants to be re-accredited. It is unlikely that your camp will need an accreditation auditor to visit and inspect your camp (though it is possible that this may be required), but representatives from the accreditation committee will at least need to review your camp's documentation to confirm compliance with CANSPEI standards.

  4. Mail in your camp’s re-accreditation fee ($100.00).

  5. Continue to send in your camp's Annual Filing documentation. This is a yearly requirement for all accredited camps.


After the accreditation committee has reviewed your documentation (and done a camp inspection if necessary), they will then make a recommendation to the CANSPEI board on whether to re-accredit your camp or if they feel additional work is still required to be done before re-accreditation can be bestowed. The board of directors has final approval. Your camp will receive an email from the chair of the accreditation committee and/or the CANSPEI president confirming whether your camp has achieved re-accreditation or whether more work still needs to be done. Our normal practice is to also announce re-accredited camps at the Annual General Meeting each year. 


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