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CANSPEI Accreditation & Reaccreditation

What are the accreditation standards?

The goal of the CANSPEI accreditation program is to promote the safety and well-being of the children, teens and staff while they are attending summer camps in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. This goal is operationalized by way of the CANSPEI accreditation standards manual. This manual lays out accreditation standards that are generally recognized camping best practices, standards, and due diligence practices in camp administration, staff and volunteer hiring, training and certifications, facilities requirements and maintenance, all aspects of program planning and delivery, food service operation, camp sanitation, and emergency planning and first aid safety.

The Canadian Camping Association recognizes provincial camping associations as the only accrediting authority in their respective provinces. CANSPEI has been running its accreditation program since 2000.

The goal of our accreditation program is to promote the highest level of standards for the safety and well-being of the campers who attend our member camps. When a camp becomes accredited, parents and guardians across Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island will know that that camp meets these standards.

If your camp would like to receive an introductory visit, explore the accreditation process further, or are in need of information, please email 



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