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Becoming a Member

This page is for camps who want more information on how to become a member (or how to maintain your membership standing).

Accreditation Application

This page is for camps who think they are ready to apply to become accredited.

Accreditation Process

This page is for camps who need more information about the accreditation process. 

Membership and Accreditation 

The first step in moving towards being an accredited camp is becoming a member of CANSPEI. Hopefully the information on our home page convinced you of the benefits of membership, but if not, please go back and read it again! That's how strongly we feel about what CANSPEI can do for camps. The purpose of this page is to provide information about our summer camp accreditation process. If you have any questions that you cannot find the answers to in the sections below, please contact the chair of our accreditation committee by emailing

Accreditation Standards

This page is for camps who need a copy of CANSPEI accreditation standards.

Annual Filing

This page is for camps who have to submit their annual filing.


This page is for camps who have been accredited in the past, but it is about to expire (or it already has).

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