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CANSPEI is proud to be able to offer two different grants to its member camps. The two grants are the New Program Grant and the Professional Development Grant. These grants are available to all member camps in good standing - you don't have to be accredited in order to apply. Details about each grant including how to apply are given below.

New Program Grant

The purpose of the new program grant is to help smaller and medium sized camps introduce new programs and/or make significant improvements to existing programs, which will enhance their camp’s overall programming for their campers. The new program grant is not intended to be used to replace existing equipment or program materials for existing programs that would usually be paid for from the camp’s existing operating budget.


The new program being applied for must be sustainable and not a one-time program. The association is willing to provide a maximum of $750.00 every three years to camps whose applications are approved. The aim is to have the CANSPEI share in the cost of new programming ideas, not fund the whole project.


Examples of new program or proposal ideas:

  • Begin a canoe, archery, or biking program

  • Build a new basketball, volleyball, or gaga ball court

  • Create an environmental and nature appreciation program

  • Establish a new LIT or CIT program

  • Establish a low ropes & challenge course

  • Create a new spiritual awareness or education program


The deadline for Applications is March 15th.

Before you apply, make sure your camp meets the grant qualifications. A list of these qualifications can be found here.

Professional Development Grant

The purpose of the professional development grant is to support the professional development of leaders and staff of our member camps. The grant can be applied to a broad range of customized and group professional learning opportunities aimed at strengthening leadership capacity.


Members of CANSPEI are encouraged to submit applications towards the professional development of their staff members. We will award amounts up to $500 per camp every 3 years.

CANSPEI considers professional development as training that is given to managers and other key camp professionals to increase their knowledge and skills. This does not include certifications that are required by your employer or by CANSPEI accreditation standards (First Aid, Workplace Safety certifications, etc.)

Examples of acceptable topics include:

  • Mental health training

  • Camping conferences

  • Leadership workshops

Before you apply, make sure your camp meets the grant qualifications. A list of these qualifications can be found here.

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