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Becoming a Member

Any camp in Nova Scotia or PEI may apply to become a member of CANSPEI. Your camp does not have to be an accredited camp to become a member, but we encourage all member camps to work towards accreditation. Ideally, the accreditation committee of CANSPEI would work with a new member camp to help achieve their accreditation over a time frame of approximately two years. The current fee for membership with CANSPEI is $85.00 per year.


If your camp would like to become a member of CANSPEI, please fill out the google form below and send in the membership fee. If you're interested in accreditation, please proceed to the Accreditation Page

Maintaing Good Standing

In order to take advantage of all the benefits of being a CANSPEI member, a camp must maintain their "good standing" status each year. Good standing means:

  1. The camp's annual membership fee has been paid ($85.00)

  2. The camp doesn't owe any other money to CANSPEI (training fees, for example)

  3. The camp has submitted its Annual Filing (Camp Participation and Operations Data) - due by December 31 each year

  4. The camp has submitted its Annual Accreditation Undertaking and Annual Accreditation Report (if an accredited camp)

  5. The camp has paid its accreditation fee (if the camp is getting re-accredited in the current year)


Please email us at if you need more information on becoming a member of CANSPEI.

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