The Annual Filing

There are three annual filing documents: the annual operations and camper participation data sheet, the annual accreditation report, and the annual accreditation undertaking. The annual operations and camper participation data sheet has to be completed every year by all member camps. The other two are only required for accredited camps. Each of these three documents is explained in detail below.

Annual  Operations & Camper Participation

The annual operations and camper participation data sheet is a form that has to be completed every year by all member campsThe data collected by this form is vitally important in providing CANSPEI a crucial tool to show government departments and other key stakeholders the importance of our camps to Nova Scotia and PEI youth and families.

To submit this annual filing, all your camp has to do is complete a google form which can be accessed by clicking this button: 

This document is due by December 31st of every year (due on May 31st, 2020, for the 2019 camping season). Please rest assured that individual camp’s data will be kept confidential.  

Note about the term "camper days" (which shows up in the google form): to calculate camper days, simply add your total female and male camper numbers for each of the age breaks, then multiply that number by the number of days in your camping sessions. For example, for "youth camper days," if your camp runs a 6 day camp session and your camp had 200 youth campers over the course of the summer, your camp’s "youth camper days" would be 6 x 200 = 1,200 camper days.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Annual  Report & Annual Undertaking

The annual accreditation report and the annual accreditation undertaking are only required to be submitted by accredited camps. 

1. The annual accreditation undertaking is a one page document that simply says that the camp submitting the document is going to run its program and operations in accordance with CANSPEI accreditation standards. The document has to be signed by the camp director and a board director and submitted to CANSPEI by June 1st every year.

You can get this document by clicking here.

2. The annual accreditation report is a six page document that camp's submit at the end of the summer to give CANSPEI insight into the running of your camp during that camping season. Submitting this document also helps keep camps accountable to their accreditation standards in between formal re-accreditation dates. This document is required to be submitted to CANSPEI by October 31st every year.

You can get this document by clicking here.


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